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Emotions and the Body, is there a connection?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Emotional health is something that often goes unattended. We get so caught up on taking care of the physical body that our emotions are something we do not think of addressing. A lot of our body aches comes from unresolved emotions and or traumas that we have had from childhood even from our adulthood. Usually, an illness comes from an unacknowledged emotion that the body integrates as a disease to be expressed outwards in the hopes of recognition and potential healing.

The purpose of this article is to help you obtain a better understanding on how impressively influential your emotions are, how beneficial it is to heal them and ways to do this in order to have an overall strong well-being.

Emotions are one third of having the best health possible, it is vital to address them daily to be sure there are not direct or indirect negative impacts on the body. There are five primary emotions, and they are anger, fear, sadness, joy and love. And of course, there are secondary emotions that we feel in our day to day or even for an extended period. This is all depending on the situation(s) we are living or the relationships we are having. Suppressing our emotions can zap our mental energy and then negatively affect our body and lead to mild or severe health problems.

But why can emotions make the body sick? A simple way of answering this is your emotions are your body’s first attempt of speaking to you. Emotions are your personal internal guidance system. When good things happen, I feel joy and happiness. A horrible situation happens, I feel angry or hurt.

Here is a simple example, your boss continually yells at you in front of your co-workers, the first thing that happens is that you feel. You get embarrassed or angry, your body is saying “oh no we do not like this”. If you then acknowledge those emotions and you are honest with yourself about how that makes you feel; then great, your body feels better and you can eventually have a calm conversation with your boss expressing how that was not a proper way to communicate with you. However, if you ignore the hints your body is transmitting and you act like nothing happened, then your body will eventually have to send you a stronger messenger. So, you get a big pain in the neck, or a stomach virus with a big wave of anxiety that you cannot simply shake off. That is just your physical body letting you know that there was no attention to the initial signal and now you must process those emotions in a more physical and painful way.

Emotions that are freely experienced and expressed without judgment or attachment tend to flow fluidly without impacting our health. The advantages of healing and doing the inner work of feeling our emotions and expressing them are life changing. A few of the benefits are reduced anxiety, eases in depression, better relationships, a sense of inner peace, easier decision making, and the ability to see problems in a changed viewpoint. Emotionally healthy people can cope with life challenges better, they can keep perspectives and troubles they face from taking a toll in their happiness and health.

The key here is to be truthful with ourselves and to be present when an emotion rises in our body. A good emotional exercise is to have fun, be silly, laugh and love. They are all so simple and yet so valuable. Another way to help your body manage and heal emotions especially those we have neglected for most of our lives are Bach Flowers, this remedy uses watered-down extracts from flowers of wild plants and minerals to treat the emotional body. Through modern technology we can accurately pinpoint emotional imbalances using bio-communications. Meaning, your body’s emotions can be read by a computer software to pinpoint the predominant emotions that are being felt at the time of the scan.

We are blessed to have this equipment and offer this service to you at our Wellness Center. We can run a scan to determine your emotional body needs and then prepare a Bach Flower. It is easy, quick and simple; we will prepare a small bottle of flowers essentials and add the vibration of affirmations your body is needing to balance itself out.

You can take it with you wherever you go and use it during your day to help and soothe those challenging emotions bringing peace to you. It will take a few days for you to feel a deeper relief, but if you do your part the plants will do theirs and sooner than you could imagine you can start to feel healthier and clearer. This will cause you to have an experience of wonderful and elevated emotions.

My wish is for you to feel good and for peace and love to find you wherever you go.

-Arelys Perez Mustafa

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