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Jacqueline Holden

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I am originally from New York but consider myself a Floridian as I have been in Florida more than half my life. I have a very supportive husband of 36 years, four amazing sons, and three incredible daughter-in-laws, and one amazing grandson and granddaughter.  After many years of being super busy with schooling, sports practices, games, and events, I started experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, stress, fatigue, foggy brain, and unhealthy sleep patterns. I soon realized I was not alone; friends and family were expressing similar symptoms. I became curious and started to do some research. And that is where my journey to Natural Health began. Soon after, I started seeing a naturopathic doctor whom I instantly connected with. As my boys got older, this doctor encouraged me to go to school and get my degree because she saw my passion for natural health. While in school, I was mentored by this doctor and worked alongside her absorbing all that I could. I have since graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health and continue to study to be certified in other aspects of natural health and holistic healing. As a Naturopathic Doctor and  Certified Nutritional Consultant I take a holistic approach, meaning I consider the whole person- mind, body, spirit and emotions. All aspects make up who we are as a person, they directly affect one another, therefore, they all need to be considered to effectively boost ones overall physical, mental and emotional health.


My mission as a naturopath and holistic consultant is to educate the client on how to make better overall health choices as an individual. We are all unique and have different genes ,backgrounds, environments, and make different daily lifestyle choices, therefore each person's protocol will be individualized. We each have our own distinctive story. I desire to teach people how to recognize the signals (symptoms) their body is giving them, physically and/or emotionally, to alert them that something is out of balance and needs addressing. Also, to encourage clients to take initiative of their overall health and lifestyle choices in order to get their body back to homeostasis (balance). Whether you are looking for answers to your health questions, or simply optimize how you are feeling now, the Energy Wellness Center of Orlando is here to help

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