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What to expect...


Our mission is to equip our clients for health and wholeness through

practical tools.  

We are happy to offer you personalized services and the highest quality

products that support optimal health and wellness as tools on your quest to

your best self.


In this initial consultation, our practitioner, Jackie, will review the

Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire you filled out. Jackie will ask you

questions concerning the form to attain a complete understanding of your

nutritional, physical and emotional condition. Your overall lifestyle will be

considered, your health, mental and emotional history, exercise habits,

current supplements and medications, stress levels, eating, digestion and

sleeping habits.


A scan using ZYTO technology will be done, the scan is an exchange of

information between the computer and your body. It’s like the computer is

asking questions and your body is answering them. Utilizing ZYTO can help

determine a person’s biological preferences to make more successful

therapeutic recommendations. Each person’s uniqueness demands a

personalized approach to their individual health care needs.

The information gathered from the scan can assist to develop a more

effective, individualized clinical strategy and it can help determine which

nutritional supplements, foods, oils, and/or services your body is most

biologically coherent with and what is the safest way for you to achieve

optimal health.


A protocol and a strategy plan are discussed and created to address your

unique health concerns.



Consistency is the key to success.


The first follow up visit is typically 4-6 weeks after the initial visit.

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