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What to expect...


Our mission is to equip our clients for health and wholeness through practical tools.  We are happy to offer you the highest quality products that support optimal health and wellness as a tool on your quest to feeling your best self.

 In this session Jackie will review with you the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire you filled out,  and attain a complete understanding of your nutritional, physical and emotional condition. Your overall lifestyle will be considered, your health history, exercise habits, current supplements and medications, stress levels, eating, digestion and sleeping habits.


Also, during this consultation Jackie will use the ZYTO technology which is an exchange of information between the computer and your body; it’s like the computer is asking questions and your body is answering them. This information can help develop a more effective, individualized clinical strategies for you and it can help determine which nutritional supplements, foods, oils, or services your body is most biologically coherent with and what is the safest way for you to achieve optimal health.


During the next part of your time,  Jackie will use the Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) technique. She will test key organ/gland reflex points on the surface of your body to determine their status in order to make specific recommendations for you. This technique is simple, painless, and easy to perform and requires no special effort on your part.


Before the end of your visit,  a protocol and a strategy plan is created to address your unique health concerns. It will be an easy and efficient guide to support you to  achieve a healthier wellbeing. There will be suggestions on foods, lifestyle modifications, supplementation and recommendations of a few simple daily exercises that will get you closer to your goal of feeling your best. 


Our team will stay in touch with you to monitor your progress, making adjustments along the way as needed.



Consistency is the key to success.


The first follow up visit is typically 4-6 weeks after the initial visit and is about an hour long. This gives you, the client, time to implement the personalized protocol and allow your body time to intergrade the changes.

Once adjustments to the diet, lifestyle, and supplement routine are applied it is important to do a follow-up. This helps determine how your body is responding to the changes. During a follow-up appointment Jackie will spend time discussing what challenges you faced and any other concerns that might have come up.  Another Zyto Scan and QRA will be done, and based on the information gathered and where you currently are in your healing journey new adjustments are made. This process  will help you achieve steady results, while enjoying the process!

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