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Body, Mind and Spirit

The human body is magic happening all the time. I am sure you are aware that we are physical, but did you know that we have other aspects that make up the total of the human psyche?

The human anatomy is complex, and it has many layers working together and co- creating this life experience. It is our responsibility to take care of our overall well-being, which includes our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Allow me to share with you a little more about each of our main bodies and a few tips to help you be more in tune with all of who you are.

In our physical body, we get to see with our eyes, smell with our noses, we listen with our ears, we taste with our tongue, and we touch. These senses help us navigate and enjoy the everyday life in our physical world. We know that to have a healthy body we must drink plenty of water, exercise and sleep; and let us not forget that eating healthy foods keeps our body strong and thriving. I recommend paying attention and listening to your physical body and what it is asking of you. Maybe it is craving more nutrients added to your meals or perhaps it needs an intentional 5-minute daydreaming to unwind and let go of the daily stress. Or it could be a 20 minute nap when your body is tired and needs to recharge its energy. The key here is to be present and aware of how your body is feeling and the signal it is giving you.

Our mental body or mental state is another big part of living well and having a happy life. The mind is immensely powerful and so are our thoughts. Think about your thoughts as the food you feed your brain, the quality of the thoughts you have will manifest as the quality of the life you live. Have you ever heard the saying, “you create your own reality”? Think of any time you thought of someone and then shortly after that person called or texted you. Or maybe you were contemplating the idea of a new car you wish to own and then you see that car everywhere you go. Knowing this, at any moment if you notice your mind chatter away try to focus on loving and uplifting thoughts, such as: “All is going well”, “I am protected”, or “I am loved and supported”. You can make your own affirmations as you discover the power you have within and the manifestations you wish to bring to your reality.

Your body also expresses its needs through emotions, this is called your emotional body. Your emotions are another big aspect of your life, they influence your relationships, health and your perception and perspective of the world. It is so important to learn to develop skills to sense your emotions and express them in a way that is conscious and beneficial to you and those around you. In this busy world we are in flight or fight mode, always going and never stopping to acknowledge how are we truly feeling. An easy way to start helping your emotional body heal is to be more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Start by taking deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed, as this will reset your nervous system. You can also go within and check with yourself, how does this event or person make me feel? You do not have to react or respond to anything, do this as a small self-checkup. For now, this will be enough for you to feel validated and heard from the inside.

The spiritual body is one that we do not hear a lot about, this is the one that gets misunderstood because we are not told that it is part of the whole of who we are. But it is such an important part of this experience we call life. Some of us call the spiritual body the Soul, which is a fraction of the Supreme God or Absolute Consciousness. The soul is unaffected by the ups and downs in this material life and is in a perpetual state of bliss. Another way to put it, our spiritual body or soul is the observer of our experience of this illusion or the life we are living. The main purpose of our Soul is to have a human experience and to guide us using our emotions to a state of joy and wholeness. When we aren’t in connection to our truest being and unlimited potential we feel without purpose or lost. A great way to tap into this part of us by meditating 10 minutes daily. Another way is by simply observing our thoughts and emotions, allowing these to come and go without judgment and allowing the energy that lives inside of us all to flow. The more we do this the more we can feel happiness, wellness and wholeness.

Nowadays it is hard to remember but please keep in your mind and heart that no matter what is going on in this world, we do have the power to heal, to love, and to be all we dream to be. Tune in to your body (mind, emotions, and spirit) and allow it to show you what is best for you. We all are supernatural beings and we all have different needs, but we all share one common desire and that is to have a joyful life and we wish to share our love with those we care about the most.

-Arelys Perez Mustafa

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