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Connecting to the Energy of Love

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Can you guess what the feeling we want the most is ? Love. We all want love, and not just want, we need love because it is our essence. As energetic beings who are living this life in a human body one of our basic needs is to love and to be loved. We are made of energy; this is not just a spiritual point of view this is something that is proven by science. The human body, every atom, molecule, cell, tissue, and body systems are made up of energy and that is what creates the human field. We are matter and energy (electrical and chemical) that is why we eat, exercise and why so many enjoy coffee to have more energy.

So, since you and I are energy, is important to know that emotions are like an energy portal, you can allow yourself to connect, feel and heal those emotions. I am quite sure you have notice there are emotions that get you down, like they suck the energy out of you. Other emotions lift you up and make you feel unstoppable or in a euphoric state. That is because emotions (e-motions) are energy in motion, and if you do not allow the energy to flow within you and out of you then they get stuck and you feel heavy and unable to move past them. And eventually they cause us to have physical diseases.

How can you allow the emotions to flow? By feeling them, even the uncomfortable ones. And by loving the emotion, accepting their purpose in your experience, and then by letting them go while being grateful for the message or lesson they were trying to share with you. It is not easy to feel the painful emotions but it is so necessary for you to be open to feeling them, because healing in many levels happens after you integrate the parts of you that need it attention and care. Remember no energy or emotion wishes to stay stuck in your field, as the purpose of energy is to be in constant movement.

The question now is, how can you create a more consistent feeling of love? I personally believe (because I been doing this work myself) you must start and or continue loving yourself. Self-love is an essential part of your overall well-being. Then you will be able to love others authentically and from the heart-center space which is transformative and powerful. Having the intention to love yourself is the beginning of a journey worth taking, digging deep in your being for ways to be more present and loving and later you can be there for those who you love most. Ask yourself as often as possible, what is my intention? When you are eating, driving, in a conversation, or in any given moment please ask yourself that question. If your intention is love, great and if it is not, then there is your opportunity to consciously re-direct yourself.

Another perception or tool is to see the love you have for others, such as your pets, children, parents, friends as your own love being shown to you via others. You are tapping into your love while passing through others and through the experiences you are having.

This next piece I am about to share with you I learned it from an Indian yogi teacher and author, Sadhguru. In one of his teachings, he was speaking about creating a stable base. A foundation within you, so what comes from you must be the way you want it. I love that he mentions the importance of investing in yourself. Investing time and energy in your well-being. He shared that physical activities such as, spending more time in nature, doing something unpredictable just for fun. Creating or enhancing your relationship with your body creates self-love, therefore you will feel more love towards everyone around you.

Meditation is the best method to connect with love; yet sitting and meditating is difficult for a lot of people. Especially because at first the minds drive you crazy, it has so much to express that it can make you upset to sit there and watch all those thoughts come up. Practice and commitment are vital, please do your best to spend 10 minutes a day to just breathe and to be present with yourself. If staying still is way too difficult for you then go for a walk or find a beautiful painting or a candle where you can focus all your attention on while you are spending this quality time with You. This practice itself is an act of self-love. Just remember to stay present and allow yourself to observe whatever comes up without judgment and let it drift away. Eventually you will find that there is this silence to be felt and from there you will have new fresh perspective on life and the way you feel love.

Everything is an opportunity. Allow yourself to enjoy the process of what life and love are trying to teach and share with you. Keep choosing personal expansion, deeper self-worth, and most of all a deeper connection to love.

-Arelys Perez Mustafa

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