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Getting to the Good Life: Tips for a Happier You

Updated: May 16

For many of us, a life of contentment may feel like a thing of the past but, with a few key lifestyle changes and a new, improved attitude, there’s every reason to feel hopeful about the future.

Physical Wellbeing

Unsurprisingly, research into the effects of diet on mental health shows that whilst eating junk food may bring short-term satisfaction, the long-term implications are overwhelmingly negative. Therefore, the first step towards greater contentment is to build a diet for yourself that brings sustained wellbeing. Consistent exercise is also known to have revitalizing effects on your mind, helping to alleviate stress from a week spent on the grind. Getting into healthy habits is easier said than done but like with anything, they get easier over time.

Time Out

Self-care looks different for everyone since we all have varied interests and hobbies. At least once a day, take the time to do something that brings you fulfillment, whether that means watching an episode of your favorite sitcom, relaxing with a glass of wine in the bath, or going out and finding entertainment in other ways. Time spent on yourself is essential when you may otherwise be dedicating yourself to work or caring for others.

Home Space

The energy in your home can have a major impact on your mood and affect how you approach the rest of your day once you step out of the house. Signs of negative energy could be disgruntled family members, bickering, or if you live alone, a general sense of discontentment. Cleansing yourself of negative energy and creating a space that is physically and emotionally appealing is crucial for your long-term happiness. A good start is to focus on changing colors and furniture to correspond with a more positive mindset - yellow, for example, is thought to evoke feelings of positivity, optimism, and happiness.


Hobbies provide a much-needed break from reality when we begin to feel too overwhelmed and it’s never too late to pick up a new skill. As you decide upon your next pastime, factor your personality type into your decision. If the activity is socially inclusive, you may find it’s also a great way to meet like-minded people and cultivate new friendships with people in a similar situation as your own.

Grow Purposefully

One of the best ways to escape a feeling of stagnation is to have goals that you are striving towards. There are a number of facets of your life and you should aim to be moving forward in at least one of those at all times. This will give you a consistent sense of achievement and help you to cultivate a mindset of growth that will naturally spill into other aspects of your life.

In a world of bills, traffic, and constant stress, the toll of the rat race can feel more pressing than ever, but that shouldn’t deter us from moving forward with optimism. It’s important to remember the moments in our lives when we’ve been most happy and to try to recreate those moments in the present. After all, no one else should be responsible for our own happiness.

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