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Mud Packing - My Personal Experience

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Have you ever heard about Mud Packing? or Pelotherapy?

If you have not, you probably have as many questions as I did. What is this treatment about and how does it work? How can you tell where in my body I need it? How would I know that it worked? Does it smell funny, after all it is mud? Can I get it all done in one treatment? How long does it take?

Mud Packing is an ancient holistic modality that has been around for thousands of years it is used to help restore energetic disruptions in the body due to injury. Therapeutic body packs are made from highly detoxifying clay, and special herbs, then they are applied on the outside of the body. Mud packs can eliminate years of bio-accumulated toxins that impair nerves, lymphatics and the body’s energy flow. Applying the muscle testing of Quantum Reflex Analysis*, Dr. Holden can determine what areas in your body need it and what parts are healthy. It is truly incredible to observe your body expresses itself and how it points out what specific areas require healing.

Personally, from ages of 12 to 21 I experienced a few life events that impacted my overall wellbeing, especially the right side of my body and that caused my energy flow to be blocked making my body work extra hard to keep me going. My main struggles lately are migraines and different issues with my stomach. In the past months I was getting so frustrated because no matter how healthy I was eating and how positive I was these symptoms would not go away. And when I learned about Mud Packing, I felt that it was something I must do.

When we started the process, we cleared the sedated channels and energy pathways, to restore coherence, balance, and connection in my body. It takes about an hour for clearing and opening your high points or meridians which are in your hands and feet. During that first treatment I was good, and I felt relaxed and kind of energized at the same time.

I did like the smell; it was earthy, and I could feel the tingle of the energy moving around. I am sensitive and I pay attention to how things make me feel in my body. So, I was not surprised to have felt the energy flowing through my meridians (foot and hands). I think if you tune in to your body you could feel it too. Each spot takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and it can only be done one at a time. Your body will be the one determining how many spots you can do in a section. In my case, I could do two to three spots per section.

The next day we focused on my right eye, and two other spots on the same side of my head. When we finished, I was really spaced out and drained. I had no energy, I did follow the instructions and put my feet on the earth and got grounded for about 20 mins. Finally, the energy that was blocked for so many years was moving and flowing, and it took some time for my body to adjust to this new stream.

I felt so sensitive especially in the spots where the Mud Pack was done, and I could feel the tenderness in my skin for a few days. Emotionally, I was also feeling weepy but with a sense of clarity that I had not felt before. The following week we did the last spots, one in my elbow and one more in my head. This time around I did not feel as tired as the last treatment, I was just a little dizzy. The next day I was a little out of it and for the next few days I was feeling weary and sleepy. I did honor my body and rested, and I did get a lot more sleep than what I usually do. When the body is healing it needs sleep, so it made sense to me that I had to be easy on myself to allow my body to adjust to this new change. I had old injuries, and I knew it would take time for my body to center itself after all the release and intake of energy.

Now that it has been about a month from the last session, I am feeling the full benefits of the Mud Pack. I am feeling a different flow in me. My head has not hurt or felt heavy as I did in the past, and my stomach is feeling easy, my appetite is back to normal, and I feel great when I eat. I am extremely optimistic for the future, and I believe that this treatment has really made a big positive impact in my body and overall wellbeing.

I know each person can have a different experience and will feel the effects in their body in their own way, but I hope this blog gives you some insight into how it was for me and an idea of what to expect. We all want a life full of energy and happiness but not all of us take seriously taking care of our body and all its needs. If you are in a place physically and emotionally where you feel ready to take your life to the next level of wellness, I highly recommend trying the Mud Pack. It is life changing.

As always if you have any other questions feel free to call us and or if you would like to book an appointment you can do it right here in our website.

*If you are not familiar to what is Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) please see my August blog, I explain about this practice. 😊

-Arelys Perez Mustafa

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