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New Beginnings

Energy Wellness Center of Orlando exciting update.

We are very grateful that you are here. We have been serving the community for about 10 years as Energy Wellness Center and for the last two years, under new management, we are officially renamed Energy Wellness Center of Orlando.

The experience and opportunities we have had so far have inspired us to evolve as a company which strongly led us to make the necessary changes that represent our values and vision.

We have transformed our identity as a company, updating our network sites with our new logo, slogan, and adding our very own mission statement.

This rebranding will set us apart and avoid future confusion. We believe this renovation will show our determination in finding ways to provide you with outstanding service and resources.

In our hearts we know that recognizing our mission and values will lead us with purpose in servicing our clients and community with the dedication and care we are committed too.

Our Mission (Why we exist)

We equip our clients for health and wholeness through practical tools and personalized services that address them mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our Values

· Act with Integrity and Respect

We are committed to always being transparent, honest, and empathetic.

· Exceptional service unique to each client

We provide premium products, unsurpassed services, and value to our clients.

· Impacting your Family

Helping you obtain quality of life that will impact not only yourself but your loved ones.

· Loving commitment to our clients

We are committed to walk with you on your journey to health and wellness.

· Giving back to the community

We committed to providing resources and services within our community.

Our focus going forward is to continue our extraordinary connection and service to you. Seeking more ways to serve you with new tools, products, services and offers that will support you in achieving your ultimate wellness and wholeness goals.

We have added new tabs such as:

-What to expect on your first consultation.

- Online store

- Mission Statement

- And a few other updates in the prior tabs.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Enjoy browsing through our updated website.

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