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Your Daily Lifestyle Choices Matter

Lifestyle is about how we live our life from the inside out.

We are comprised of mind body and spirit, therefore they all have to be considered in our overall health. What is going on inside the mind reflects on the outside.

The Mind:

What are you thinking about throughout your day? What thoughts are parading through your head from one second to the next? You get to choose what you allow into your mind moment to moment. Become aware of what you are thinking and how your thoughts are making you feel. For example, when you start feeling fearful, anxious, insecure, angry etc., stop and ask, “What was I just thinking about?” After you answer that question, decide if you want to accept that thought or not. You are the boss of you! You get to choose what thoughts get to stay and which ones don’t! This practice is not easy at all, it takes plenty of practice but I promise, over time, it becomes natural and extremely beneficial to your overall health!! This really is a thing!! Try it!!

Words are SO powerful!!

Become aware of the words you are speaking over yourself and others on a daily basis. These words can be verbal or mindful. Words have the power to change your brain and body chemistry for better or worse. Are your words building you up, or tearing you down? Are they benefiting your health or not? You should be your biggest cheerleader and encourager! Speak life-giving words over yourself and your loved ones.


The phrase “Have an attitude of gratitude” is such a beneficial way to live! Being grateful for this new day, your loved ones, your job, your health, your finances, a good cup of coffee, etc, is also so healing for the mind, body and spirit. Even if things aren’t so great, your perception on it will either pull you towards or away from overall health! Life happens, its the way we perceive it and react to it that is the game changer.


Take mental reset breaks throughout each day to decompress, daydream, read or take a power nap. This will help you have a clearer mind, more energy and patience, and even sleep better at night!


“Are You Digging Your Own Grave With Your Knife And Fork?” Food is intended to feed and support your mind, body and spirit. Eating junk food leads to countless negative consequences mentally, physically and spiritually.

Before you put something in your mouth ask yourself these questions: Is it real food?

Is it raw, whole, organic, fee of synthetic chemicals, minimally processed, flesh nutritious, locally grown, seasonal, sustainably sourced, grass fed, wild caught, non-GMO and low glycemic?

What positive value will it have on my cells?

How is it packaged? Is it in plastic or aluminum, or is it in glass or paper?

What is my mind-set? Am I stressed out or am I approaching this meal in a healthy mental and emotional state?

Eating a highly nutritious, organic meal while you are angry or stressed cancels out all the benefits of that meal because your digestive system shuts down in order to deal with all the stress.

Take personal responsibility of your own dietary choices and learn what your individual body needs. Everyone is different!

Water should be your primary beverage:

Dehydration puts your body into stress mode because it has to work extra hard to compensate. Many imbalances, like constipation, muscle cramps, shortness of breath, dry skin, kidney stones, brain fog, thick blood, and more can be corrected by just getting the proper water intake. There are several factors on how much water intake is the right amount depending on exercise, medications you might be taking, and and other beverages being consumed that are caffeinated or sugary. Research what is best for your situation. I recommend drinking a minimum of half of your body weight in ounces daily.


Love yourself!

Find time to do something for yourself each day. Something you enjoy! It could be anything. Loving yourself enables you to love others better!!

Fun, Sweaty Activities:

Movement is so important for mental, physical and spiritual health.

At any age, the benefits of engaging in daily activity are too good to pass up. Natural movement and exercise are extremely beneficial and necessary for the circulation of the blood, which nourishes and cleanses the cells and organs in the entire body, boosts energy levels, improves sleep, helps burn fat, and reduces stress levels.

Find activities you enjoy and be intentional daily to get moving. It doesn't have to be a long dreaded event. Play basketball with your kids, swim laps in the pool, dance around your house while you clean, ride your bike, the possibilities are endless. Whatever time you have that day is better than nothing!!


We need that emotional connection with family and friends to be healthy. Technology has made it possible to communicate with friends and family that live far away. And it has been wonderful during this mandatory quarantine time; the issue arises when we allow technology to replace face-to-face time with loved ones on a regular basis. One recent study even indicated that social isolation and loneliness kills more people than obesity. We need love and to be loved for our overall well-being.


Take time to laugh, really laugh out loud every day! This is so beneficial for your overall health. And it is fun to let loose!! I even laugh at myself sometimes. I try not to take myself too seriously. I recommend you try that too. lol


There is no one right way to meditate. Whether you chose to meditate in a group setting, use a guided meditation app (There are some good ones in app store) or just do your own thing with music or silence, it is all greatly beneficial! Finding ways to reconnect with oneself is extremely life-giving for the mind, body and spirit. This will help you reduce stress and boosts your immune system.

The Spirit

Spirit is one-third of our makeup, so it follows that spirituality is one-third of our health. Therefore, it should be a priority. Having a connection with God increases hope during life’s adversities, which in turn protects your immune system from being flooded with negative emotional chemicals There has been great research suggesting that people who feel that their life is part of a larger plan have stronger immune systems, lower blood pressure, a lower risk of heart attack and cancer and live longer than those without such belief.

I find such inner peace and comfort having faith in a Higher power.

I start my day with a large cup of coffee, quiet music, in a quiet space with my Bible and journal. My day is not the same if I choose to sleep in instead. I highly recommend you make this a priority!!


There is no other way to replace the benefits of sleep. The body was designed to go through different sleep cycles in order to do repairs and maintenance, detoxify, and reset our brain, organs and systems, which is crucial for overall health.Most adults require eight hours of sleep a night for maximum benefits.

I find that having a consistent bedtime routine is very beneficial. The mind, over time, starts recognizing that it is bedtime, which signals the body to transition to sleep mode.

Some ideas are shutting down all screens 30 minutes before bed.Wash up and put PJ’s on. Have some calming herbal tea and snuggle up with a good book to wind down. Find what works for you.


We all have the same amount of hours in each day. We get to choose how we live those hours. We will never get this day back! So choose to be present each day, wherever you are, with whoever you are with, and make it a great day regardless of the circumstances. Life will happen regardless, its your perception that influences your mental, physical and spiritual health. The choice is yours!!

Live Your Best Life,

Jacqueline Holden, ND

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